Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water

Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water

We’ve all heard it time and time again–drinking lots of water is good for you. While this is 100% true, the benefits of drinking water can also be found in beauty.


It is suggested that you drink six or eight, 8-ounce glasses of water every day. Depending on your health and daily activities, you may need more. In case you didn’t know about the overall benefits of drinking enough H2O here’s a quick recap:


  • Helps maintain body fluids
  • Revitalizes muscles
  • Keeps your kidneys healthy
  • Keeps you alert and promotes clearer thinking
  • Helps prevent/reduces a hangover


If that is not enough to make you want to start hitting those water goals, these beauty benefits will! Drinking the recommended amount of water every single day can help you have that glowing skin you always wanted.




Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water


Because your body is hydrated so is your biggest organ, the epidermis–or skin. Having hydrated skin means the dullness and dryness goes away. You’ll also start to notice those pesky pores begin to disappear.


This I can attest to. As soon as I started hitting those six 8-ounce glasses of water every day I truly noticed my skin getting clearer, more radiant and my pores were shrinking.


Fight the signs of aging with water! Another benefit of having hydrated skin is maintaining its natural elasticity. So water won’t necessarily get rid of any present wrinkles but it will sure help with stopping more wrinkles from showing up.


As I mentioned earlier, drinking lots of water cleared my skin up. Now with it being sensitive I have the occasional breakout as result of trying a new beauty product. But more than clearing any pimples away I saw a difference in my complexion.


Any dark spots from breakouts or even redness began to go disappear. As I am writing this I feel like I am really hyping water up. No it is not a miracle worker but overtime you will see a difference and it is for the better.




Lastly, drinking water promotes hair growth and hair health in general along with stronger, longer nails. These beauty benefits are ridiculous and you couldn’t ask for much more from something a simple as water.


Well there you go a few beauty benefits of drinking water. Bottoms up!



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